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      In the winter-spring 2005 in Central Asia, according to analysts and experts who can change the whole situation in the Commonwealth. The discrepancy created by the political objective of political systems, social and economic conditions in which they existed was the main reason for such developments. The desire of Moscow to create a general framework of the CIS Security Council can further transform into the body nadpravitelstvennyj to coordinate efforts aimed at changing nedopushchenie in the form of so-called velvet revolutions of the remarkable fact in this context. Hard Ukraine's rejection of the idea of such a structure at the time of its creation slows, but the Central Asian regimes such form of coordination would appear understandable.
      In many ways, this situation was due to the fact that, as U.S. experts at the end of 2004 noted, "the countries of Central Asia - Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan - will face a serious choice to maintain social peace in the acceleration of population growth, relatively young population, limited economic prospects and the growth of radical Islamic influence. " At the same time, it was clear to most analysts that without a "systemic problems" in the region, they became a source of potential regional conflict, and this circumstance led to the conclusion of the relevant experts. "States .. Central Asia are weak and have the potential for religious and ethnic conflicts in the next fifteen years of religious and ethnic movements could destabilize the region seems to Eurasia has become dispersed, despite the fact that the opposite demographic trends - such as labor shortages in Russia and western Eurasia and its overabundance in Central Asia - could help to unite the region Moreover, it is likely that Russia will cooperate with the Central Asian states in the expansion of transportation corridors for the delivery of electric energy "..

Towers in Uzbekistan: Round 13
Activity: Cultural tour
Destination: Uzbekistan
Duration: 10 days

First Day: You arrive at the airport up to Tashkent, where we meet the driver. Will be accompanied by the Tashkent city. You can have lunch and relax. On the day of a flight to Urgench. Arrive in Urgench and go to the hotel Хиве. Urgench - the capital of Khorezm From field in the north-western part of the desert Kyzylkum Bukhara. It is located in the river Amu Darya (the river delta), and the border of Turkmenistan. The night at the hotel.
Second days: the first day of our trip we will visit places of interest: iChat Kala - the heart of the city, where most of the architectural and historical monuments are located. It is supposedly "an old town" 2.2 km around the length of the wall. IChat Kala high minarets and domed roofs surrounded by buildings alive, presents the rich traditions of folk architecture in Eastern monumental forms, beautiful carved pillars, doors and top, original models and colorful majolica. The night at the hotel.
Third Day: Early morning departure by Kyzylkum Bukhara (red sand) Desert (435 km). The land desolate village - home base for albumin and turtles. Zip into the Amudarya river Oxus known to the investigators. Since ирригации cotton fields began during the Soviet era, the river dries quickly. The road 5-6 hours. The night at the hotel.
4th Day: Today will be a complete change of government day. Morning visit to the Citadel of the boat. This royal "city within a city" is home to the rulers of Bukhara in the new millennium. The arch is as old as Bukhara directly. The castle was the center around which grew the medieval city. The night at the hotel.
Day 5: Engine Samarkand (268 km) by Shakhrisabz, Tamerlane earth. Shakhrisabz (Greentown) is a small town located in the southern hills of Samarkand by Kashka-Darya area. This Timur in his hometown, once upon a time, they are likely to be directly in Samarkand in the shade. The night at the hotel.
Day 6: Today will be a full tour of the day for you to many wonders of Samarkand. Morning visit: Carré Регистана known 13th century, such as the Market Square was the center of trade and cultural life in medieval Samarkand. It is surrounded by three madrasahs built in different periods. Main Museum hours: the model of the ancient city and fortress walls, pottery, weapons, chasing, altars and possibly paint the fresco 7th century. The night at the hotel.
Day 7: The day begins with a morning motor Tashkent. A day of sightseeing in Tashkent. Some of the places to visit, place: the Historical Museum of the Peoples of Uzbekistan, Tashkent museum contains the largest exhibitions in 8000. The results are shown in the archaeological museum presents the life of the peoples of Central Asia and the lives of Uzbek antiquity to modern times. This picturesque, noisy and full of local color. The night at the hotel.
Day 8: Today you will Tashkent tour, including visits to Chorsu market in the old part of Tashkent city, the mosque and Kukuldash Khas Imom - the official religious center of the Muslims of Central Asia, including the Barak Khan Madrassa (16 cents), Tilla Shaykh Mosque - the Osman Qur'an, which, as was believed, of an old Qur'an kept in the library of the world in this Mosque. Lunch. The engine Samarkand (4:00). Check in Samarkand. Regulation of the hotel. The night of the Samarkand Hotel.
9th Day Tour Samarkand, which in Carron known Регистана (the Madrassa Sherdor the 17 th century, Tilla Kori and Ulugbek 15th century), Shokhi Nekropole Zinda (an important pilgrimage destination Samarkand) other grandiose Bibi Khanum Mosque, Gur Emir Mausoleum ( where the conqueror Amir Temur's (Tamerlane), two children and two grandchildren son is buried in the 15th century), Ulugbek Observatory. Lunch during the day. The night of the Samarkand Hotel.
10th day: in the morning for breakfast. The engine's Shakhrisabz Bukhara. On tour Shakhrisabz, including: the remains of Ak-Saray Palace (Summer Palace Tamerlane), Kok Gumbaz Mosque (15th century), Khazrati Imom Ensamble (14 th century). Lunch. Bukhara is received. Regulation of the hotel. The night at the hotel Bukhara.
Day 11: Visit the sights of Bukhara Mausoleum of Ismail Samoni (burial of the founder Ismail Samani Samani dynasty, 10th century), the Kalon Minaret Kalon Mosque Spread drink, Arabic, matches Madrassa (16th century), and restored in the 16th century, the decorations of the church Zoroastrijsky below), the whole house is in fact highly. Lunch during the day. The night at the hotel Bukhara.
12th Day: Today is touring Bukhara: Ark Fortress (home of the rulers of Bukhara), Museums, Ark Fortress, Cadet Choir, the summer residence of the rulers of Bukhara. Lunch. Write and get Хиву Bukhara (6:00). The arrival Хиву. Register your hotel. Хиве the night at the hotel.
Day 13: Last day of our tour we will visit the sights Хивы: iChat-Kala architectural ensemble (1219 th c). - The area is a UNESCO World Heritage Site - the residence of the last Khan including Ismail Khodja mausoleum, Mohammed Amin Khan madrassah on the Pahlavi Mahmud Mausoleum (1418 th c.), The Juma Mosque (10 th c). Lunch during the day. Lunch. Go catch the evening flight to Urgench Tashkent, Tashkent arrives. Go to the hotel. The night at the hotel in Tashkent.
14th day: morning, the driver will be picked up from the airport Tashkent.

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