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      In this paper, the problem reinstitutsializatsii U.S. government agencies in the context of regional foreign policy challenges facing Washington was announced: "Geographic redistribution of U.S. institutions in some areas prevents the formation of" Greater Central Asia ", which is the core of Afghanistan. In particular, the Ministry of Defense and the State Department five former Russian republics of Central Asia and Russia are grouped together under the name of Eurasia and Afghanistan is in the Department of South Asia. This distribution makes it virtually impossible for government institutions to recognize the United States share many common interests of BTSA, and, besides, it does not allow analysis of the most beneficial relationship between the countries of BTSA and many regional neighbors. "
      The attempts that have become common throughout 2005-2006 in political circles in some countries outside the Euro-Atlantic community to present the events in Central Asia as a repetition in the new historical stage, "Great Game" have received the appropriate interpretation of American experts came to the conclusion that "security issues in Central Asia has become much more complicated than in the original game great in the nineteenth century between imperial Russia and Britain. While the two governments can largely dominate regional affairs, but today many influential players involved in them. In the early 90s of the twentieth century has witnessed the hard competition from Turkey and Iran in Central Asia. More recently, India [22] and Pakistan have implemented a mixture of cooperation and competition policy in the region, which was influenced by their relationship in a broader sense "[23]. A number of representatives of the few independent expert community in Central Asia, also came to the conclusion that the so-called Great Game is a fact of particular historical period, and it does not correctly apply the name of the current situation in the region.

Towers in Uzbekistan: Round 11
Activity: Cultural tour
Destination: Uzbekistan
Duration: 10 days

First day: the driver can choose Tashkent airport and accompany you to the city of Tashkent. The agreement with the hotel. The night will be held at the hotel.
Second Day At 8:00 breakfast. Visiting the attractions in Tashkent, one of the most ancient cities of Central Asia, the capital of Uzbekistan. The Tashkent Uzbek language means "Stone City" and is also known as a city of sharp contrasts applications. You will see an old city and the modern. Lunch. The engine Samarkand (330 km). Samarkand is received and the agreement with the hotel. Lunch in the hotel restaurant. The night will be held in Samarkand
Third Day: After breakfast we will have a complete tour of the attractions in Samarkand days' City of Domes Blue ": The story of Samarkand reference time 2500, and since then the reference values related to the time period Timur dynasty and are just as important as the architectural masterpieces of ancient Egypt, China, India, Greece and Rome. As you visit our seminar handicraft product. Lunch with the Uzbek Uzbek national house beautiful reception food. By (demand) will be at 19:00, lunch. Night will be held in Samarkand.
Day 4: At 8:00 breakfast. We visit the attractions in Samarkand. Bibi Khanum Mosque Visit (XV c). Oriental Market "Market Siyab" Also Imam Vermilion - Bukhariy the mausoleum. Lunch. Presenting theater folk costume - the Fashion leisure. The night will be held in Samarkand.
Day 5: We will go to Bukhara (280 km, 3-4 bands). On the way stop to visit and seminar in Rabat Malik Gijduvan known potters. Lunch Studio ceramics. Check in Bukhara and agreement to the hotel. Lunch at 19:00. The night will be held in Bukhara.
6th day: After breakfast, visit to a day of sightseeing Bukhara: As mentioned in the holy book Bukhara - one of the oldest cities in Uzbekistan, based on the recommendations of the holy mountain spring market Zoroastrians. This city was once a large shopping center Grand Silk Road. Lunch point Devan Begi Less medrese and folklore shows. By (demand), the Night will be held in Bukhara.
7th day: After breakfast, visit to the Museum of Faizulla Khodjaev House, the House of Tea, Sitorai Mokhi HOSA Palace (XIX-), former residence of the last Emir of the country. Here is one of the best examples of a luxury building. The so-called "White Hall" carved figurines Guncha the layer of exclusive cosmetic mirror. Lunch. Leisure leisure. The night will be held in Bukhara.
Day 8: At 8:00 breakfast. The engine (480 mi). The Kyzyl-Kum Desert. On the way to get to know the landscape of the area and the hotel Check this agreement. Leisure leisure. The night will be held .
9th Day: We will be touring the sights : iChat-Kala architectural complex - "the Museum to the stars." As the story goes back to the ancient Khorezm a long time only a few civilizations can tailor his age. You will see a rich mosaic of the palace, the unique beauty of the minarets of mosques and madrasahs. Lunch. This Urgench airport. The flight Tashkent. Arrival in Tashkent. Go to the hotel and agreements. Lunch at 19:00. The night will be held in Tashkent.
Day 10: the driver will meet your hotel, then go to the airport.

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