Flora of Kyrgyzstan

Flora of Kyrgyzstan has about 4,000 species of plants, including more than 120 species of trees and shrubs. Their distribution is subject to the laws of high-rise zoning.
The fauna of Kyrgyzstan, there are about 500 species of animals and 3171 species of insects. It is home to 49 species, including domesticated. The only body of water having a commercial value of the country - Lake Issyk-Kul. The main commercial fish - chebachok, rudd, Marina, carp. Over the years, brought here perch, trout, carp, bream, tench, crucian carp. However, predators are very acclimatized natives destroyed the lake. Particularly affected rudd and chebachok. In the rivers are home to carp, rudd, pike, Marina, catfish, barbel. Acclimatized to the Son, and Kehl peled signal settled down well, but immoderate catching them in the period 1995-2003 GG led to a drastic reduction of fish stock. In 2004 fishing was banned.
In Kyrgyzstan, home to 335 species of birds in the desert and semidesert - bustard, little bustard, Pallas sand grouse. In the high waters of the Tien Shan - mallard, gadwall, teal, pintail, gray goose. Issyk-Kul overwinter as pink and curly pelicans, swans. Most popular are hunting birds - golden eagle, goshawk, falcon, Balaban. With their help the hunt for many birds and animals (fox, hare, pheasant, duck, ptarmigan). To maintain and develop the ancient craft on the shore of Lake Issyk-Kul in 1979 established kennel of hunting birds. In recent years, due to environmental degradation, declining numbers of many species - grouse, mountain goose, bustard, little bustard.
For birds, characterized by a large number of species occurring in the territory of Kyrgyzstan, temporarily, on migration, wintering or summer pasture. These include: whooper swan, pelican, spoonbill, flamingo, white-headed duck, gyrfalcon, Jack, peregrine falcon, eagles, black-headed gull, little bustard, and practically ceased to nest here and the burial ground of the steppe eagle. Once created a favorable environment, they may nest here. Thus, at dream-Kelezagnezdilsya whooper swan.