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What we imagine when we hear Silk Road? The first thing that comes to our mind is an endless desert with waving dunes and hundreds of caravans loaded with valuable goods slowly strolling over them. This is almost true except the fact that the Silk Road has passed through not only deserts, but also stopped at ancient nosy towns and cities, crossed harsh mountain passes under snow and rain and presented a mixture of people from different countries and nations. In this page we would like to give you an idea of which Silk Road heritage is carried by each country in Central Asia. Let us talk about them:

Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan will be a great combined tour as they represent two different worlds. Kyrgyzstan is great for tours in nature, for hikings, trekkings, raftings, horse ridings and many other active tours. You can experience authentic nomadic culture, ride horses, sleep in yurts and enjoy the nature. In Uzbekistan you will visit the craft centers such as silk carpet factory, paper plant, pottery workshops and cooking master classes besides visiting its major cities of Samarkand, Bukhara, Tashkent, and Khiva. You will learn the history of great Empire of Tamerlane; watch its true creations of arts. Besides regular tours, you can rent a car to travel on your own.

Turkmenistan is a country not alike to any of the Silk Road countries. During your tour in Turkmenistan you will see the most marble city of Ashgabat, Nisa, ancient capital of Parthia, other cities as Merv and Kuya Urgench and astonishing gas crater Darwaza. Here you can rent a car with driver.

If you want to see high mountains the tops of which almost touching the sky, wonderful lakes with crystal-clear waters and fast-flowing rivers, then visit Tajikistan. It is a country that can be rightfully called the Rood of the World, which is a literal signification of the word Pamir. Explore wonderful Iskanderkul lake, Seven Lakes, Bulunkul, Yashil Kul, Karakul lakes and cozy small villages of Kalai-Khum, Ishkoshim and Murgab.

Kazakhstan has a huge territory that takes the ninth place in the world by its size. It offers great opportunities for mountaineering in Tien Shan Mountains, wonderful hikes in Borovoye resort near Nur-Sultan, in Kolsai and Kaindy lakes, listen to singing dunes in Altyn Emel national park. 

All these countries reflect the history of Silk Road and has much to offer during your tours in Central Asia. Be prepared for tremendous contrast of cultures, landscapes and sites. Explore Silk Road with the most reliable company! Our cars for rent are at your disposal always.