About Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan is a small mountainous country in Central Asia, located among the highest mountain ranges in Asia, such as the Tien Shan and Pamir. This is a land of bright contrasts, mighty mountains, different colored alpine meadows, topped with eternal snow. This is a land that smells like sandalwood with rushing mountain rivers, blue lakes and green valleys with incredible waterfalls and lowlands.

With the help of car rental, it will be easier to drive here and get one of the best tours ever. It is important to note that Kyrgyzstan is not only rich in the beauty of nature, but in mineral resources as well. On its land, there are vast mountain pastures that cover half of the region, as well as forest tracts. If you intend to go to Kyrgyzstan for tours, you will definitely get to know the Arslanbob walnut trees, then the Fergana and Turkestan ranges as the world's largest and many others. Here, several mountain rivers at the same time are also significant sources of drainage and numerous mineral resources.

In fact, Kyrgyzstan is an ideal destination for tourism. Through renting a car, you will get acquainted with the welcoming group travelling here, who will be very happy to welcome you into the house and treat you on tours to national delights. In Kyrgyzstan, which is above all, not only vibrant photos, but also protection will be given to each traveler. It is really worth visiting Kyrgyzstan and having an incredible travel and car rental experience of the mountain region. 


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