Jeti Oguz gorge

Explore Kyrgyzstan's Jeti Oguz gorge (Seven Bulls), situated 28 kilometers from the capital. It is a fun sight on the tour to see whether visitors tend to rent a car and head right to the row of rocks, red with the presence of the Bulls. Due to the appearance of the gorge, only the name of the gorge was given. Plans exist for such emergencies, known as the history of the region. Renting a car tour in Kyrgyzstan will open up an opportunity to understand myths. We, too, probably tried to warn a couple of them of this. And it is said that in the notion of shooting bulls, the King was interested. In a red blood-symbolizing color, seven of them were killed to give the world an image of the sloping bulls. Enjoy taking a car rental tour of Kyrgyzstan.


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