Kyrgyz traditional drinks

Before the Soviet Union, the way of life of the Kyrgyz nomads was a constant movement from place to place on the steppes and among the mountains, in cold and warm weather, and therefore their food and drinks were high in calories and nutritious. Despite the Soviet power and the influence of the cultures of representatives of other nationalities living in Kyrgyzstan, as well as the era of globalization, the Kyrgyz managed not only to preserve the recipes for making national drinks, but also to improve them. During tours you can book a car rent and feel yourself free.

Kymyz is a valuable food product used in the treatment of many diseases, as well as in the period of rehabilitation after injuries, operations, and simply for health promotion in Kyrgyzstan. Mare's milk is as close as possible to the mother's in composition and nutritional properties. This normalizes the level of cholesterol, makes up for mineral and vitamin deficiencies, normalize the metabolism, clearing the body of toxins, prevent muscle fatigue, give the body more energy, increase vitality.

Maksym and Jarma
A thirst-quenching, health-improving, tonic drink made from selected varieties of barley, wheat and corn. The traditional drink Maksym  has medicinal properties, exquisite taste and aroma, and also quenches thirst and hunger. It has rich in vitamins and minerals, which are necessary for the vital activity of the body, improves the functioning of the stomach, liver and kidneys, the nervous system, and also promotes the elimination of toxins from the body, increases metabolic processes, improves the digestibility and digestibility of food, provides the body with B vitamins and minerals, in the hot season - balances the water-salt composition of the body, gives vigor. While being in tours we will try together.

Traditional airan is a cold drink, similar to kefir, which consists of yogurt, water and salt. No one knows exactly who invented it, but it is believed that its roots go back to Turkey. Ayran is a very popular drink both in the countries of the Balkan Peninsula and in Central Asia. In different countries, the recipe for its preparation varies, and - as is typical of a good child - in each region, airan has its own, local name. Airan can also be drunk chilled. For example, in the summer, ice, mint leaves and cucumber are added to airan to make the drink particularly refreshing.

Ak serke
It is made from the broth of suzme, koumiss or ayran. The broth in which the noodles were cooked for beshbarmak, pour, mix with suzme (you can use ayran or kumis). Ak serke is served warm after naaryn or beshbarmak. It quenches thirst, promotes the absorption of fatty foods by the body.

Bozo is made from ground or coarse millet, corn, wheat, or rice. The most delicious, strong bozo is obtained from millet and corn. The basis of bozo is ugut (malt). It is mainly made from wheat, sometimes from a mixture of wheat with barley or millet. During tours you can surely taste. Also we would like to mention that our company offer car rent in your tours through Kyrgyzstan.