In addition to rivers and mountains, when traveling in Kyrgyzstan with the car rent service, you can see incredibly beautiful lakes. There are really many lakes in Kyrgyzstan; there are about 2000 of them, which are located at an altitude of 2500-4000 m above sea level. Traveling around Kyrgyzstan with rented the car service and investigating the lakes during the tour, tourists can understand that some of them were formed as a result of melting rivers. Today, under tours with car rent service, it is popular to visit such major mountain lakes of the country as Issyk Kul, Son Kul, and Chatyr Kul.

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Now let us inform you a little about the most famous and largest lakes in Kyrgyzstan that you can see during the tour with rented the car service. Therefore, the first and most popular lake in the travel environment is Issyk Kul or the pearl of Kyrgyzstan. This beautiful lake called Issyk Kul is located in the heart of the Tien Shan Mountains, at an altitude of 1600m. "Warm Lake" is exactly how Issyk Kul is translated from the Kyrgyz language. The lake is called warm not in vain, but due to the fact that it never freezes, even in winter. This is a very significant lake in the country because it also takes the second place in transparency after Lake Baikal among all the lakes in the world. During the tour with car rent service, tourists prefer to visit the Naryn region, because there is another high-mountain lake called Son Kul located at an altitude of 3016 m above sea level. The territory of the lake has beautiful summer pastures and meadows where travelers can stroll and enjoy the fresh air. And Son Kul is also fed by the rivers Kajyrty and Naryn. Travelers on the tour with rented the car service can see another large lake called Chatyr Kul in the Aksai Valley at an altitude of 3530 m above sea level. Chatyr Kul, by the way, is located along the Chinese border of Torugart. On the territory of Kyrgyzstan, you can find the mysterious lake Merzbacher. The lake tends to appear in the summer and disappear towards the end of this season. The second deepest lake in Kyrgyzstan is Sary Chelek Lake. The territory of this lake is very beautiful, because the lakeshore is lined with a beautiful dense forest, the water is clear and the air is clean. On the territory of the lake, you can also see streams on the mountain slopes. By the way, it is believed that Lake Sary Chelek is the result of a flooded valley. Moreover, an important note for those who are going to the lake: the territory of Sary Chelek is strictly under control.