Language of Kyrgyz people

While in Kyrgyzstan, travelers take rent a car in Bishkek and go to explore the language with the help of local residents. Such a trip around Kyrgyzstan will allow you to learn the local language.

Tour with rent a car in Bishkek is not the only advantage of our tours; managers also offer dictionaries in Kyrgyz and Russian. And also our English-speaking guides will be your assistants during the travel with rent a car in Bishkek. On the tour, you will be told in more detail about the history of the development of the Kyrgyz language and also that it is included in the family of the Turkic languages.

If tell a few facts from the history of the language, then the first script used by the Kyrgyz was Orhon-Yenisei. Then it was changed to the Arabic alphabet during the adaptation of the religion of Islam. The Latin alphabet was next. And then they finally switched to the current Cyrillic alphabet since the establishment of Soviet power. The Cyrillic alphabet is now used in Kyrgyzstan with the addition of new sounds. The Kyrgyz language is, of course, the official language of the country, which has two dialects - northern and southern. The role of the second widespread language in Kyrgyzstan is played by the Russian language. Enjoy your travel around Kyrgyzstan by freely moving with rent a car in Bishkek and getting to know the locals by means of the language.