Kyrgyzstan birds

For the protection of nesting and wintering waterfowl and wetland birds in 1948 organized by the Issyk-Kul Nature Reserve area 17 310 ha (including the waters of Lake Issyk-Kul 15 030 ha). Each year, winters on the lake from 30 to 40 000 birds (there were years and more than 100 thousand), including swans, red-crested pochard, coot. Since 1976, lake and nature reserve is wetland of international importance.
Throughout the country there are 83 species of mammals. Unique animals are deer, argali, and brown bear. It is also home to the wolf, fox, badger, stoat, weasel, woodchuck, muskrat, marten. Distributed goats, wild boar, roe deer. In general, Kyrgyzstan, home to most of the populations of rare species (subspecies) as Tien Shan Brown Bear, Turkestan lynx, snow leopard, the Tien Shan mountain sheep, mountain goose, and a significant serpoklyuv - such as the marmot marmot, Pallas' cat, golden eagle, bearded man, friend, saker falcon, Asiatic black dove.