Kyrgyzstan plants

Study of the geographical distribution of rare and endangered species is extremely uneven. Some species are known only from isolated findings (eg, calamus, striated snake), the other in recent times there is no reliable information (such as honeysuckle, a strange, white stork, friend). Certain types are included only on the basis of literary sources and their very presence in Kyrgyzstan to be confirmed. These are the red wolf and the otter. It is possible that they are no longer on the territory of Kyrgyzstan, as there are tigers.
Many species of plants and animals live on the border of Kyrgyzstan areas or in isolation from the main area of ​​distribution. This makes it very vulnerable to changing conditions in an unfavorable direction. It is especially important to preserve not found anywhere else outside of Kyrgyzstan species (endemic and subendemics). Particularly rich in relics of the ancient community area of ​​Western Tien-Shan: nut and desert.