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      Second, the greater the political elite of Russia gradually began to acknowledge the extent the threat of loss of geopolitical influence in Central Asia and the need to strengthen their positions on the southern geostrategic direction [42].
      Thirdly, the appearance in 1994. In the Afghan political scene, the movement "Taliban" who once was in a serious political force, and further aggravation of the situation in Afghanistan, especially since 1996., Were clearly identified the need for closer cooperation to ensure stability and security in Central Asia [43].
      The interdependence of the situation in Afghanistan and neighboring countries is not in doubt. This argument has played a significant role in the "return" and the consolidation of Russia in Central Asia, which will take place in the coming years. The threat of Afghan contributed to the region of the major states of hope, in the event of adverse developments were assigned to Russia.
      In fact, this period is actually the beginning of the most important determining tsentralnoaziatskoj outlines Russia's policy. Preservation of regional security as a key factor of Russia's influence in the region has become his top priority.
      Since 1996. Russian Federation, after a period of some uncertainty began to take additional steps to end the armed confrontation and a political settlement of the conflict in Tajikistan. After five rounds of negotiations on the initiative of Intertadjik B.Eltsina author was invited to a meeting in Moscow, Tatarstan President and head of the E.Rakhmonov A.Nuri. After the meetings in Tehran (October 1996). And Hosdehe (northern Afghanistan -. December 1996) E.Rahmonov A.Nuri and declared their readiness to come to Moscow.

Towers in Uzbekistan: Round 08
Activity: Cultural tour
Destination: Uzbekistan
Duration: 10 days

First day: the driver can choose Tashkent airport and accompany you to the city of Tashkent. The agreement with the hotel. Sightseeing of the day: "The New Tower Tashkent Television" - the biggest in Central Asia - 375 m, the "Memorial to the victims of repression" - the memorial and museum, the "Monument of Courage" (1976) - the epicenter of the earthquake Whether Tashkent 1966th An old part of the city, "Khazret-Imam 'architectural complex. The night will be held at the hotel.
Second days: the first day of our trip we will be forwarding Samarkand (315 km, 5 hours), and investment property. Visit Sightseeing insert "the Gur-Emir Mausoleum" - Tamerlan's tomb (1415 th c), built-in Sultan Muhammad's son Temur breakfast and three other tombs Temurids - the son of Temur - Miranshah and Shahruh son and grandson Ulugbek . The night will be held in the capital of Tamerlane Empire.
Third Day: This day you visit the market, SIAB, taste the best bread and fruit Samarkand, excavations and the museum of ancient Afrosiab, Daniyar Khodja Mausoleum - the legend links the Koran, and biblical prophets Daniyar (), which continues to have Tamerlane here. The Leisure spend your free time. Lunch at 19:00. The night will be held in one of the oldest cities in the world.
Day 4: At 8:00 breakfast. Go Shakhrisabz - a unique monument of architecture and urban design (90 km, 1.5 hours). Shakhrisabz tour: ruins "Ak-Saray Palace" - the summer residence of Tamerlane, which shook the imagination of his contemporaries (1415 th c) "Jahongir Mausoleum" - the mausoleum of the son of the beloved person is Tamerlan. Later on the day of arrival in Bukhara and accommodation at the hotel. The night will be held in Bukhara.
Day 5: At 8:00 breakfast. Sightseeing: The Samanids Mausoleum - an old brick in Central Asia, the masterpiece of world architecture (910 th c), Chashma Ayub mausoleum, which belongs to the nice "spaces trace" left St. (14 th c). The legend says that when the work of the prophets of the Bible (Ayub) visited this place. Visiting museums is cinnabar Imam Bukhari and "Water Museum". "The mosque ---Houz" - the only monument of medieval Bukhara (demandent. to 20 s "c) of the Ark - the center of the state structure of Bukhara (4th C" in .) Silk Store carpets, composite "Do drink Kalon" ("Lower Great"), "Kalyan Minaret" - the main symbol of sacred Bukhara that symbolized authority and spiritual governors. Lunch at 19:00.
Day 6: tower outside the city: the summer residence of the Emir "Sitorai Mokhi-Khosa" (19th c), cemeteries, memorials, "Chor Bakr" (10th c), visit Bakhouddin Nakshbandi Mausoleum (1619 th c), and graves of his mother and teacher (14 th c). Back to Bukhara. Free time for relaxation, and go through the streets of the old Bukhara. The night will take place in a quiet and comfortable hotel in Bukhara.
Day 7: At 8:00 breakfast. This the Kyzyl Kum desert in the path of the trailer (480 km, 5-7 hours). The arrival - only "Museum under the stars" in Central Asia, which is fully up to date. The agreement set the seat inside the hotel or in the area, "Icha-Kala" - Hivy the historic center, which is listed on the World Heritage UNESCOWorld. The recreation. Lunch at 19:00. The night will be held .
Day 8: This morning for breakfast. City tour of the architectural ensemble. The set includes a minimum of medressa and minaret, the world's leading platform for height of 45 m, and the highest in the remote town. Transmission of days instead of the camp layout Ayazkala the Amu Darya and the bridge boats Tuprakkala ancient fortress (23 th cc). The agreement yurts. The walking tour Ayazkala 1 and 2 Ayazkala strong. The night will be held in the traditional style of the Silk Road.
9th Day At 8:00 breakfast. You learn as you go in camel. A trip to the lake Ayazkul. fish, swimming, boating. Lunch. Back to the yurts. Give Urgench Airport (80 km, 1.5 hours) for the evening flight Tashkent HY 1058 at 21:10. Tashkent 23:15 Arrival at the hotel and the location. The night will be held in Tashkent.
10th Day: The last day of our tour we will have a sightseeing tour around Tashkent: "Chorsu" - Eastern markets, "National Park", "Abdulkasim Medressa", which is now a traditional arts center presents an attractive local artisans (19 th c). The Leisure go around Tashkent, see the beautiful squares, fountains, visiting museums and galleries, and from Tashkent Metro - one of the most beautiful in the world. Your guide to meet your hotel, then go to the airport.

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