Tien Shan mountains

Southern Tien Shan mountain ranges include Fergana, Chatkal. At-Bashy, Ak-Shyyrak, Borkoldoy-Too-Too Engilchek, Sary-Jaz, Kakshaal-Too-Too Moldova.
In the south-western edge of the Tien Shan mountain ranges extends the group, taken as a separate Pamir-Alai mountain system. From the outside it in the whole of Kyrgyzstan is only Alai Range, Fergana Valley, which separates from the Alai, also a member of the Kyrgyz Republic. From the south limits the enormous Alay valley, covered with snow Zaalay (Chon-Alai) Range, reaching the highest point - Lenin Peak - the height of 7134 m in the extreme south-west of Kyrgyzstan Turkestan Range comes.
Intermontane basins is particularly typical of the Northern Tien Shan, and usually lie above 1500 m Their surfaces are composed of stony-pebbly alluvial fans, sometimes loess and lacustrine sediments. The deepest part of the largest of the depressions - Issyk-Kul lake filled the same name. The Ferghana valley is included in the limits of Kyrgyzstan only their outlying parts. Arcs between the northern Tien Shan - Kyrgyz Range to the south and the Chu-Ili mountains (ridges and Zheltyzhol Kindiktas) - is the most populous Chu valley, with its capital city of Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.
Almost continuous band along the foothills of the Tien Shan foothills sloping plains stretch in a desert and semi-arid hills.