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Uzbekistan and trips

      In general, weapons have been taken to strengthen the tactics of the vectors of bilateral cooperation, complemented by increased activity in the regional intergovernmental organizations. The changing dynamics of Russian politics in this guide has been developed especially with the advent of Vladimir Putin, first as prime minister and then president of Russia.
      Uzbek vector, of course, was one of the priorities of Russian foreign policy. Russia's interests in this case consisted in establishing a more stable and predictable system of cooperation with Tashkent to avoid, which have become traditional at this time, periods of rapprochement and cooling of bilateral relations. This interest stems from the fact that Uzbekistan - one of the key countries in the region to ensure regional security and in general is a strong force in the Central Asian region. In addition, Uzbekistan has considerable economic resources and capabilities (such as cotton, metals, geopolitical location, a very strong army, etc.) in which the needs and the economics and politics of Russia. Thus, pursuing a policy of "education ally," Russia can expect to promote the interests not only in the region, but also to use the results of the cooperation as a factor in external influences on a country located on the perimeter of the area, particularly Afghanistan and parts of China.
      However, relations between Russia and Uzbekistan to the beginning of this period still retained a bit of tension. Another trend is heated, it was in connection with the so-called events Betken summer of 1999. A group of soldiers of the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan, led by Juma Nemengeni [47] attacked the territory of Tajikistan's mountain regions of Kyrgyzstan. The men tried to break into the Uzbek part of Ferghana Valley and pick up where the uprising against the regime of Islam Karimov. Under these circumstances, Tashkent is extremely interested in the resumption of military-technical cooperation with Russia.

Towers in Uzbekistan: Round 07
Activity: Cultural tour
Destination: Uzbekistan
Duration: 10 days

First Day: After arrival at the airport, you have to pass the city of Tashkent Tashkent. While you dine in the hotel after approval. In the evening's dinner and spend the night in Tashkent.
Second Day: After breakfast we have a morning flight to Urgench. Reach and proceed to Urgench Хиву. Adjust the hotel. Visiting attractions Хивы: iChat-Kala architectural Mohammed Amin Khan madrassah, the Castle Kunya Ark (1617 th c.), The tower Cadet Kalt, Tash-Hovli Palace (19 th c.), Pahlavi Mahmud Mausoleum (1418 th c.) and the Juma Mosque (10th c). Lunch during the day. In the evening's dinner and spend the night in the hotel Хиве.
Third Day: Breakfast at 7:00 Essential. The engine Bukhara (6 hours). On way to stop it, as the Amudarya river picnic lunch. Check in Bukhara. Register your hotel. In the evening's dinner and spend the night in a hotel in Bukhara.
4th Day: After breakfast we will tour Bukhara: Ismail Samoni Mausoleum (burial of the founder Ismail Samani Samani dynasty, 10th century), the Kalon Minaret Kalon Mosque Spread drink, Arabic, matches Madrassa (16 th century), seeds Attory mosque. This is a very interesting building, the 12-16th century and restored facades century, the decorations of the church Zoroastrijsky down. Lunch during the day. In the evening's dinner and spend the night in a hotel in Bukhara.
5th Day: Breakfast at 7:00 Essential. The first half of the day continues to tour Bukhara: Ark Fortress (home of the rulers of Bukhara), Museums, Ark Fortress, Cadet Choir, the summer residence of the rulers of Bukhara. Lunch. The engine Samarkand (3:00). Check in Samarkand. Regulation of the hotel. In the evening's dinner and spend the night in a hotel in Samarkand.
6th Day: After breakfast we will tour Samarkand, which is at: Carré known Регистана (Madrassa Sherdor of the 17 th century, Tilla Kori and Ulugbek 15th century), Shokhi Nekropole Zinda (important pilgrimage place in Samarkand), remains of the grand mosque of Bibi Khanum , Gur Emir Mausoleum (where conqueror Amir Temur's (Tamerlane), two children and two grandchildren son is buried in the 15th century), Ulugbek Observatory. Lunch during the day. In the evening's dinner and spend the night in a hotel in Samarkand.
7th Day: Breakfast at 7:00 Essential. The engine Tashkent (4:00). Arrival in Tashkent. Regulation of the hotel. Lunch. Tashkent tour, including visits to Chorsu market in the old part of Tashkent city, the mosque and Kukuldash Khas Imom - the official religious center of the Muslims of Central Asia Barak Khan Madrassa (16 cents), the Tilla Shaykh Mosque - the Osman Koran, which, as was believed, of an old Qur'an kept in the library of the world in this mosque, the mausoleum of Abu Bakr Kaffe Shoshi - 1314 Century of Islamic scholars. In the evening's dinner and spend the night at the hotel in Tashkent.
8th Day: After breakfast we have a morning flight Fergana. Check in at the hotel Fergana regulation. The engine Kokand: a visit to the Palace Kokand ruler of the 19th Narbutebay century Juma Mosque and Madrassa. Lunch. The engine Rishton of their way to visit a ceramics workshop. In the evening's dinner and spend the night in a hotel in Fergana.
9th Day: After breakfast we Маргилан. Visit a silk factory. Lunch. Fergana tour. The reverse flight Tashkent. In the evening's dinner and spend the night at the hotel in Tashkent.
10th day: morning, the driver selects the airport according to the time of the initial details. You'll be flying home.

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