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Uzbekistan tour and trip

      Winter in the spring of 2005 the Central Asia, according to analysts and experts have been able to change the whole situation in the Commonwealth. The main reason for this discrepancy was the turn of events, shaped the social and political system of objective political, economic and social conditions in which they existed. The well-known fact in this context, it was Moscow's desire to establish a common framework of the CIS Security Council, which may later turn into nedprevitelstvenni body to coordinate efforts to prevent changes in the form of so-called Velvet Revolution. The deviation of a firm idea of Ukraine, which is a structure at the time of its creation has slowed, but the Central Asian regimes such form of coordination would be acceptable.
      In many ways, this situation is due to the fact that, as described by American experts at the end of 2004, "Central Asia - Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan - will face a serious choice to argue that the social world in the context of increasing population growth, relatively young population, limited economic prospects and the growth of radical Islamic influence. " At the same time, for most analysts it was clear that no "systemic problems" in the field, they became a source of potential regional conflict. This is - this fact explaining the situation and production transfer experts, "States of Central Asia are weak and have the potential for religious and ethnic conflicts in the next fifteen years. Religious and ethnic movements could destabilize the region. It seems that Eurasia will become more fragmented, despite the fact that opposite demographic trends - such as labor shortages in Russia and western Eurasia, and its great abundance in Central Asia - could help to unite the area. In addition it is likely that Russia will cooperate with the Central Asian states in the expansion of transportation corridors for energy supplies. "

Towers in Uzbekistan: Round 10
Activity: Cultural tour
Destination: Uzbekistan
Duration: 10 days

First Day: We will come to Tashkent airport, and the driver meet you. Will be accompanied by the Tashkent city. Then lunch. City tour around Tashkent: Abu Bakr Kaffe Shoshi - the mausoleum of Muslim scholars (16th c.), The medrese Barak-Khan (16 th c)., The Kaffe-Shashi mausoleum (15 th c). , Kukeldash medrese (16 th c.), Djuma mosque (9th c). Here to Samarkand (315 km, 4 hours). The agreement with the hotel. Lunch. The night will be held in Samarkand.
Second Day: The day of sightseeing begins with: excavations and the museum of ancient Afrosiab, architectural complex Shakhi-Zindeh (11-15 th c)., The Observatory Ulughbek Регистана background: Medreseh Ulughbek (15 th c.), the beetle-Shir coprin Medreseh (17 th c.) Medreseh Tilla-Kori (17 th c.), the Guri Amir mausoleum - tomb of Tamerlane (14 - 15 - th c.), the mosque of Bibi-Khonum the market. Lunch in a traditional Uzbek house. The night will be held in Samarkand.
Third Day: Day trip begins as a coach Bukhara (270 km, 2.5 hours). The agreement with the hotel. Sightseeing: Mausoleum "Ismail Samani" (910 th cc.), The Mausoleum "Chashma-Ayub" (14 th c.), The Museum of "Imam Ala Buhari" (2004 y). "Citadel Ark" (120 th cc.), the mosque "Длинный-кривой-нож-Khauz" (18 th c.), every "fact highly-Khauz" (1618-cc nd). Lunch. The night will be held in Bukhara.
Day 4: Breakfast at 7:00. After you have made the journey to the city depending on the program: medreseh "Kukeldash" (16 th c.) Medreseh "Nodir Divanbegi" (17 th c.) Medreseh "Arab Reconcile" (16 th c)., The minaret "Kalyan" (12 th c.), the mosque "Kalyan" (15 th c.), medreseh "Ulugbek" (15 th c). Medreseh a "Abdulaziz Khan" (17 th c.), An ancient burial site "Chor-Bakr" (1620-cc nd). Lunch folklore concert. Proceed to the airport for the evening flight Tashkent. The night will be held in Tashkent.
5th Day: The day begins transmission to the airport for the morning flight Fergana. The agreement with the hotel. Tour the Ferghana Valley: visit the workshop of pottery Rishton Margilansky the city - to visit the seminar Rustam Usmanov Yodgorlik ceramics and silk factory. The engine Kuva (33 km). The excursion program: seminars for teachers, Zoroastrian sanctuary remains the Buddist temples. Back to Fergana. Lunch. The night will be held in Fergana.
Day 6: Day begins the transmission Up to Tashkent Airport for morning flight Bukhara. Check in Bukhara. The agreement with the hotel. Sightseeing: the Ark of the Citadel (see Appendix 4. Н.э Up), Mausoleum of the Samanids (910 th c.), Chashma Ayub (14 th c). Mosque-Длинного кривого-ножа-Hauz (early 20th c.), Market Coumpol, Medreseh Nodir-Divan-Beghi fact highly-Khauz (1417 th c.), The Kalon Minaret (12 th c.), Kalyan Mosque (12 th c.) Medreseh reconcile Arabs (16 th c). Lunch. The night will be held in Bukhara.
Day 7: Breakfast at 7:00. The road to the city to visit the shrine Bahouddin Nakshbandi (1619 th c.) And the graves of his mother and teacher (14 th c.), The summer residence of the Emir-Sitorai Mokhi-Hossa (19th c.) Mausoleum of Chor-Bakr (10th c). The Voyage of the coach Samarkand (270 km, 2.5 hours). The agreement with the hotel. Lunch. The night will be held in Samarkand.
Day 8: Breakfast at 7:00. Sightseeing: the excavations and the museum of ancient Afrosiab, Architectural each. Lunch at the restaurant Arabia. After the tour program of the local government - Tamerlane's tomb (1415 th c)., The mosque of Bibi-Khanym, market, space Регистана: Ulugbek Observatory and. Lunch folklore concert. The night will be held in Samarkand.
9th Day: The day begins with a training trip to Tashkent (315 km, 4 hours). The agreement with the hotel. City tour around Tashkent: Abu Bakr Kaffe Исламский Shoshi, the scientist, the mausoleum (16th c.), The medrese Barak-Khan (16 th c)., The Kaffe-Shashi mausoleum (15 th c)., Kukeldash medrese (16 th c.) and Djuma Mosque (9 c). Lunch. Suddenly Tashkent.
Day 10: Breakfast at 7:00. The coach tours in the mountains Chimgan. The agreement is a mountain resort / hotel. Riding in the mountains near Chimgan. A trip to the mountain resorts Chimgan and Beldersay, including travel tips канатного the elevator. Lunch. The night will be held at the resort mountain.
11th Day: We finish the tour in a coach trip to Tashkent. The agreement with the hotel. Sightseeing: Amir Temur Square to Square Theatre, the Museum of History of Uzbekistan, Museum of Applied Arts, the Independence Square, Monument of Independence and Humanism, square "Memory and Honor" (a parent, I'm sorry, the eternal fire), urban fountains and modern monuments. Visit to the Theater of Opera and Ballet. Lunch. The night will be held in Tashkent.
Day 12: Our guide will accompany you to the airport Tashkent.

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11 - Arrival in Uzbekistan
Customs declaration
Upon arrival at the international airport of Hansi or on the border of Uzbekistan, you must fill out 2 tamožennoj explanation (two) points tamožennogo control ildə Instance ("Xüsusi explanations Giri on") The Formulü. Xahiş do not forget to carry out exact amount for each of İncəsənət peremeŝaemoj Qiymətli Kağızlar Show və Exchange articles, including dorogostoâŝie article, Taki as jewelry, electron and photo technology. An instance of the Declaration of employees Ostaets Customs, and the second instance with pressure, vozvraŝaetsâ. Strongly recommends that you save tamožennoj second instance declaration of departure, Tak, because the information they sum cennostej and inostrannoj currency kotoruû you vzali with soboju trip to Uzbekistan contains over. Per-out, allows tourists vyvezti Article Qiymətli Kağızlar və Valyuta inostrannuû within the sum, tamožennoj statement at the gateway ilə ukazannoj. Control points available tamožennogo Uzbekistan "Green Line" there.
Each week ildə Uzbekistan must have JavaScript foreigners upon arrival 72 hours from the time of check-in page here. The hotel housed ildə If you are, shall automatically be registered when registering for hotel (Hota some üçün ucuz price guaranteed Otellər not suggest Taku service). Your hotel will boş registration, kotoryj you need to feed your passport for the entire duration of your trip ildə Ürünü kotoryj predâvlât is absolutely necessary formal organov. A private house Qeydiyyat week 72 hours from the time of arrival ildə first home owner and you must personally visit a local Bölmələr OVIR (Visa and Qeydiyyat İdarəsi) ilə even if you already. When pasportnom from Uzbekistan to control your passport and visa expiry date will be validated yoxlayın-out. Sometimes workers immigracionnoj Služby Can your Göstər registracionnye letterhead from hotels or local political conditions also. Belə ki, make sure boş the hotel is always at hand (desirable prikrepit his passport) olub, yarn as pasportnyj passport control at the airport registry. 
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