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Here we must take into account the factor of "newly independent states." China and Russia have created a standard deviation, which is obviously causing consternation in Washington. It seems that Beijing would prefer an alliance with Russia, if it will demonstrate the ability to independently solve the problems of maintaining geopolitical advantage in the area. However, it is possible that Moscow does not rely primarily on the standard deviation, and more manageable for her union - Organization of Collective Security Agreement. During the last meeting KSTO were important decisions to build their own rapid reaction force of the organization. In short, the "Great Game" in Central Asia continues, but in a highly modified, more complex form [32].
      The current financial crisis offers Russia an opportunity to solve many geopolitical problems, and it responds to new challenges, demonstrating a willingness to provide substantial economic and military support to its partners. "The doors" for those states that are not partners and do not indicate a desire to develop cooperation with it to stay open [33].
      Every state in the former Soviet Union already have some experience of foreign policy, and post-Soviet ruling elites have become much less fearful of foreign influences. Therefore, almost all the states of Central Asia show the desire to multivectoral policy, viewing it as a basic condition for the preservation of sovereignty.

Towers in Uzbekistan: Round 05
Activity: Cultural tour
Destination: Uzbekistan
Duration: 10 days

First Day: You are at the airport Tashkent. Your guide to the city of Tashkent. Strengthening breakfast at the hotel. Enjoy a nice meal and sleep in the hotel in Tashkent.
Second Day: The day begins with breakfast strengthened. Go to the airport. Morning flight to Urgench. Arrive in Urgench, go Хиву Regulation of the hotel. Visiting attractions Хивы: iChat-Kala architectural ensemble (1219 th c). - The area is a UNESCO World Heritage Site - the residence of the last Khan including Ismail Khodja mausoleum, Mohammed Amin Khan madrassah in. Lunch during the day. Enjoy a nice meal and sleep in the hotel Хиве.
Third day: breakfast strengthening. This Bukhara (6 hours). Lunch on the go. Check in Bukhara. Register your hotel. Enjoy a nice meal and sleep in the hotel Bukhara.
4th Day: This day will be on tour Bukhara: Ismail Mausoleum Samoni (burial of the founder Ismail Samani Samani dynasty, 10th century), the Kalon Minaret Kalon Mosque Spread beverages, Arabic, matches Madrassa, the whole house is in fact highly Ark Fortress (home of the rulers of Bukhara), Cadet Choir. Lunch during the day. Enjoy a nice meal and sleep in the hotel Bukhara.
5th Day: This day you will go Nurata. Visiting an old mosque in the holy water and holy fish key, old ruins of the castle built by Alexander Velika. Lunch. Yangigazgan go to the village and the desert Kyzylkum Kazakh yurts. Evening study than for a camel to go. Enjoy a nice meal around the fire singing songs of Kazakh Kazakh national kinship. The dream of the yurts.
Day 6: Strengthening breakfast. The camel goes Kyzylkum. The engine Aydarkul the lake. Lunch. After the engine Samarkand. Samarkand is received. Enjoy a nice meal and sleep in the hotel Samarkand.
Day 7: The day begins with breakfast strengthened. Samarkand tour, which is at: Carré known Регистана (the Madrassa Sherdor the 17 th century, Tilla Kori and Ulugbek 15th century), Shokhi Nekropole Zinda (important pilgrimage place in Samarkand), remains of grandiose Bibi Khanum Mosque, Gur Emir Mausoleum ( where the conqueror Amir Temur's (Tamerlane), two children and two grandchildren son is buried in the 15th century), Ulugbek Observatory. Lunch during the day. Enjoy a nice meal and sleep in the hotel Samarkand.
Day 8: Strengthening the breakfast. The engine Tashkent (4:00). Arrival in Tashkent. Regulation of the hotel. Lunch. Tashkent tour, including visits to the city of Tashkent Chorsu market in the old part of the mosque and Kukuldash Imom Khas - the official religious center of the Muslims of Central Asia Barak Khan Madrassa. Enjoy a nice meal and sleep in the hotel in Tashkent.
9th Day: Guide to meet your hotel, then go to the airport.

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6 - Artel, a large number of small to mid-thirties were combined. Umidartel was organized in this way. Some processing of raw silk artists, artisans and those who are united by silk carpets. Uchkunartel Umidartel was isolated in 1939. This, together with the potters, tanners, and brings
Great attention was paid to the city's public works and government. Electricity has been improved. The station was built in 1945, thirty percent of the light. In 1959 he began a new 550? Power plant operation. Khiva powers of the city's economy, the municipal government, and paid particular attention to the development of all areas of joint projects. This is an important work had an impact on all citizens. Khiva is a city water line at the end of the 1950s were built. More than sixty percent of the roads were paved. Increases in the housing industry - especially in the two-storey building. Mew apartments built as an extended city limits. Out of the three new districts. Citizens had no natural gas. New schools, shops, cinemas, hospitals, and consumers were served.
The city has changed a lot in the last decade. But Khiva woven weave the old with the new and modern life in a unique city in ancient times. These monuments reflect the latest symbolize the vitality of the new building of the city.
Historical Khiva topography
Of its centuries-old history, Khiva, over and over again, the more experienced periods of decline and that, until the nineteenth century, culminating in the development. Formed in the nineteenth century, is still stored in the master plan of the city. A Dark Castle shakhristan (city proper) and Rabat (around): Khiva historical topography of the city the traditional principles of design with its distinct parts of the configuration includes a castle. This Ichan-Kala (shakhristan) was surrounded by strong walls, the suburbs, in turn, surrounded by walls for the quarter Dishan-Kala.
The plan, which stretches from west to east of Khiva was irregular contours. Outwards from the south to the north of the eastern end of the external walls Dishan-Kala units and the distance between the outermost points were approximately 2.5 kilometers long and 2.5 kilometers wide. The area in the center of the city, Ichan-Kala was the location of the east. Was less than five times the total area of ​​the square on the face.
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