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      In this case, again, under the "Central Asia" is meant the Americans and the Caucasus. Leaders of the University of Central Asia-Caucasus-. Frederick Starr, JohnsHopkins and Charles Farbenks repeatedly noted that "an unsuccessful Central Asia, because the U.S. is too busy with the affairs of the Middle East." However, in the context of what's happening in the Middle East, remains to be seen - no luck, or vice versa ... Program Director, Central Asia, Paul Sandler believes that "Central Asia will very soon become the world center of political attention."
      In the case of Central Asia are actively involved and the United Kingdom, which in addition to the traditional antiRossii seeks to prevent the growing influence of Germany and all continental European countries. To some extent, the United States and Britain are fighting for the possession of resources in Central Asia not only for their own needs, but also to prevent the control of other power centers. For example, the U.S. is trying to reorient Central Asian resources in India, which they would like to make a counterweight to China. Anyway, if earlier, U.S. policy in Central Asia remained even and consistent, but somewhat sluggish, but now the situation has changed. After the 2008 war in the Caucasus, although the Americans were not convincing, but nevertheless the leading European states agreed to strengthen its military presence in the Black Sea, Caucasus and Central Asian regions.

Towers in Uzbekistan: Round 03
Activity: Cultural tour
Destination: Uzbekistan
Duration: 10 days

First Day: You are at the airport Tashkent. Your guide to the city of Tashkent. Strengthening breakfast at the hotel.
Second day: breakfast strengthening. Morning flight to Urgench. Arrival to Urgench, go to the hotel Хиве. The program resulted in the sights Хиве. Visit the World Heritage site by UNESCO iChat-Qala fortress. Leisure during the day. Enjoy a nice meal and dream away.
Third day: breakfast strengthening. The engine Bukhara (500 km, 7 hours). On the way stop to see the river Amu Darya. Check Bukhara day. Register your hotel. Leisure. Enjoy a nice meal and dream away.
4th Day: The day begins with breakfast strengthened. Visit the sights of Bukhara. Visit Samani dynasty mausoleum, Arc Fortress, Chashma-Ayub, Kalon all medrese Arab mosque in reconciling the seed-pierced. Enjoy a nice meal and dream away.
5th day: breakfast strengthening. Go hiking Bukhara. The summer palace of Bukhara emirs Sitorai road-Mokhikhosa, Chor-Bakr and Bakhoutdin Naqshbandi Mausoleum. Leisure Day Bukhara.
6th Day: This day is going to the yurt camp in the desert near the village of Kyzylkum Yangigazgan. On the way stop at the seminar, the owners of the pottery and Gijduvan Nurata to visit a local mosque with holy water button. The camel travel and leisure. Dinner in the evening around the camp, away from the Kazakh folk songs singers relationship.
Day 7: The day begins with breakfast strengthened. Morning visit to the unique Lake Aidarkul in the desert. Stay on the lake. The sun is leaving the yurt camp and go to Samarkand. Check in Samarkand, has to save the hotel. Time to relax. Enjoy a nice meal and dream away.
Day 8: The day begins with breakfast strengthened. Visiting the attractions in Samarkand. Visit Регистана Square, the ruins of the Bibi-Khanum Mosque, cemeteries Shakhi-Zinda mausoleum Gur-Emir, Ulugbek observatory. Leisure during the day. Enjoy a nice meal and dream away.
9th day: breakfast strengthening. The engine Tashkent. Check in Tashkent has to save the hotel. The center of the visit Tashkent, Amir Temur Square, Independence Square in the old part of Tashkent, the Municipal Assembly and the Chor-Su Imom Khas Market, Museum of Applied Arts. Enjoy a nice meal and dream away.
Day 10: the driver will meet your hotel, then go to the airport.

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11 - A Self sea is the largest water volume of 1.5 billion square meters. A 168 m high - on the one hand, a lithoidal-mass limit of white. Approximately 100 km from the coast and the water level of the reservoir is around 37 km ². That at the beginning of Tien Shan glaciers and alpine Pskem, coke and Chatkal: once in three mountain streams feeding Charvak.
Numerous resort hotels, seating and children's Lakefront "in the health camps for the purpose of the use of a season. Charvak In fact, all the tourist facilities in Inter Boguston rather than the far side of the reservoir. Brichmulla, Usuphona connected with the concept of" Charvak "very volume: The name of the storage pool and weir his job, and the solution is simple but it's our people and not the half of all the types in the vicinity of the Town. called "Charvak" the totality.
Hodjikent - Chirchik headwaters of the construction, the old solution is still in the army stationed in this place a long time ago. Tashkent is a bit all over the city and knows many names on it that has been said - (literal translation) "lives of the saints." Write to the historical center of the city, surrounded by thousand-year-old maples, a legend of the oldest and largest café (café prototype) that can be easily created, there was a large hollow that once was. This large-scale birch tree, named after Alexander the Great.
"The history of Charvak" or "armor Chorvoq" This place Ishan (spirit) Umar, the Sufi branch of Islam teaches that followers of the residence. That the seeds of virtue and their growing impact Darnels promote immorality: in this area, it has a moral activity. This area is "fed him to the farm" is. 
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